TikTok influencer Tanya Pardazi dies in skydiving at 21 | Tanya Pardazi TikTok influencer

    21-year-old skydiving student died during a solo dive in Canada. Overhang incidents are the main source of death and injury," as per the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.

   Tanya Pardazi was a remarkable new TikTok force to be reckoned with when she hopped on the performance seminar on Aug. 27, acquiring 95,000 supporters. 

   She was an understudy at Skydive Toronto Inc., a school that requires ground preparing before solo plunges. 

   Pardazi had gone through the preparation, as per her last TikTok, wherein she referenced going to skydiving class.

Tanya Pardazi TikTok influencer

  The jumper was an invited ongoing expansion to the skydiving local area and will be remembered fondly among the understudy's new companions and individual jumpers at Skydive Toronto Inc," the assertion from the school read.

     "The group at Skydive Toronto Inc has been significantly impacted by this mishap as they have refined their understudy preparing program for north of 50 years."

TikTok influencer Tanya Pardazi dies in skydiving

   It is hazy assuming Pardazi is the school's originally announced skydiving demise. Skydive Toronto Inc. didn't answer the Washington Examiner's solicitation for input.

    The school is amidst helping out the South Simcoe Police in its examination concerning Pardazi's demise.

   "Always part of our group and in our souls," Pardazi's previous cheerleading crew at the University of Toronto Scarborough posted on Instagram. "Tanya Pardazi was one out of many."

   The United States Parachute Association kept 10 lethal skydiving mishaps in 2021, which is the least on record at a pace of 0.28 fatalities per 100,000 leaps.

   Pardazi supposedly opened her parachute at too low an elevation, as indicated by a proclamation from the skydiving school.

    At the point when the parachute didn't swell, she tumbled to her demise. Pardazi was then shipped to a close by emergency clinic, where she was articulated dead.